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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Instagram Account



Instagram is one of the most famous and popular social media platforms with billions of users. To get followers there are many different ways and strategies to do so. You can buy followers from different sites and earn more followers from starting a business on Instagram. You can use tags, hashtags, and promote brands so that more users visit your profile and follow you for future notifications. Earning loyal Instagram followers is a quite difficult and very hard job to complete.

You have to do a lot of hard work and it takes years to get a lot of success and followers. But most people decided to take shortcuts so before taking the shortcuts you must be well known of the risks you will face in your journey. Buying an Instagram account is against the Instagram terms of services and if you get caught your account will be banned permanently. And you must know that buying an Instagram account is not the same as buying Instagram followers. Some of the things and risks you must know before buying an Instagram account are mentioned below.

Buying Instagram Against Instagram Terms of Services:

You should buy an Instagram account at your own risk because according to Instagram terms and services you are not allowed to buy and sell an Instagram account. So if you buy an Instagram account you must know the risk that if the Instagram team finds out about this illegal method they will ban your account anytime. When you buy someone’s account there is no guarantee that the account will be real and legit.

That account can turn out to be a scam. This will lead you to loss and this method will also cost you a lot of money. So I recommend never buying the account until you get the confirmation that the account is real and original.

Buying Followers and Buying Instagram Account:

To earn money and get followers in less time many people take the shortcut and buy Instagram followers from IGViral. Some of the sites are real and they provide real followers. But most of the sites take money from you and provide followers who are not real and are no help for you in the growth of your Instagram account. In most cases, the followers are not real and they harm the reputation of your company and brand.

From most of the websites, you will get the followers at a low price and these followers are complete of no use and are not related to your niche. This means they will not understand your content and give you feedback filled with emojis.

Before Buying the Account Double-check the Seller:

If you have already made up your mind and are ready to buy the Instagram account then first check on the person from whom you are going to buy the account and secondly check whether the followers on that account are real or just bots. To check if followers are real or not you can check the profile and post and look at the comments. From the comments, you can get to know about the followers either real or just bots.

There are many different tools as well from which you can test that the account is real or fake. Thirdly you must check that the account is of the same niche as you are. If the followers are 20k and belong to the niche ‘designing’ although your niche is ‘modeling’ then the account will be of no use.

After looking through all these things the last thing is that you must generate an agreement with the seller so that if in the future you get to know your followers are not real you can take your money back and return the account to the person.

Use Real Platforms to Send Money:

Before sending the payment to the person make sure that the account in which you are going to transfer money belongs to the person you are talking to. If the seller asks you to send money through some third party or person you must immediately take your request back.

The best and legal way to transfer money is through a PayPal account or any bank account. After the payment, the seller will provide you with the password and username of the account, immediately log in to the account and change the password and username and unlink the Facebook account of the seller from Instagram and link it with your Facebook account.

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