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Canon EOS M100 Review



Canon EOS M100 Review

Canon EOS M100, a grand and latest addition to the Canons ILC model mirrorless camera series offers a high-end photographical experience while maintaining the compact size of the camera. The camera comes with a powerful and dynamic 24MP APS-C sensor with top notch dual pixel auto focus technology.

The camera is specifically designed for those photographers who desire to capture impulsive or random shots. The super sleek camera design, compact structure and ultimate lightweight carrying experience offer a pocketable camera experience that is quite similar to smartphone photography but with more sharp and enhanced results as it is integrated with APS-C sensor.

Ergonomically compact

The camera provides super cool, ergonomically compact and ground breaking creative technologies for flexible and versatile everyday freestyle shooting.


Achieve precise exposures with large ISO sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600 to provide stunning results for low light conditions and unswerving exposure for sparkling artificial lights.


The camera also enables ‘wireless’ transfer button that enables easy transmission and retravel of images. Exceptional features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC enable you to share amazing motion and still shots directly to your favorite apps and even backup your shots wirelessly.

LCD touchscreen

Other interesting features include a 3-inch tilting LCD touchscreen with imaginative control and freedom.  Feel free to adjust your camera settings with the easily accessible tilt up touch screen LCD screen and take 180-degree flip selfies seamlessly.

5-axis image stabilization

The camera system provides ultimate 5-axis image stabilization technology.  The camera system provides your subjects razor sharp resolution and stability even if you are moving and ensures footage stability with high sensitivity.

Image processing technology

The camera is powered by a DIGIC 7 image processing technology, a feature that a good DSLR camera must have.


The camera provides great image quality and chains at maximum video resolution of 1080/60p.

49 point all cross-type auto focus

Don’t even miss a second of your action and shoot continuously with 6 fps and a highly spontaneous 49 point all cross-type auto focus system that provide sky-scraping accuracy for a range of light conditions and allows compatibility with a wide range of lenses.


Powered by a powerful battery the camera provides an all-day shooting experience with more than 295 shot battery life which is highly useful for random photography.

Canon EOS M100 can be regarded as one of the best mirrorless cameras introduced by Canon in the mirrorless category with solid results. The ease of use, pocketable structure, enhanced control and sharp results offer a great photographical companion for everyday shooting.

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Sennheiser CX 400BT Review – True Wireless Earbuds



Sennheiser CX 400BT

Sennheiser CX 400bt, the mini wireless earbuds released on 15 September, 2020. These best earbuds are available for 129$ USD. Their dimensions are 60 × 34 × 42 mm. They weigh 12 grams. These tiniest earbuds have no waterproof features. Their Model Number is N/A.

These have very good and high sound quality. Their small mini case attracts customers. Sennheiser CX 400bt earbuds have DBC, AAC, and aptX support systems. These tiny Bluetooth earbuds are also set by the app equalizer. Electro Guides reviewed the most popular earbuds and revealed all features on their website.

  • Any person that is thinking about a new upgrade over the Airpods will definitely find that.
  • The seal made by the Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless earbuds provides much better isolation than an open canal. So these Airpods Pro offer you this plus ANC.
  • Android users staring for an Airpods Pro competitor that will appreciate the aptX Android users looking for an AirPods Pro competitor will appreciate the support of aptX, as these are generally well worked and better than AAC on Android devices.
  • Many of the audio brands and companies are working hard to attain and get the demand for true wireless earphones.
  • The old stalwart manufacturers are also attaining the arms race. Young workers and professionals are focusing on capturing their first set of more grown-up earbuds.
  • Those brands give that they pack. They sell the same drivers as the mega-expensive Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.0.

How to use CX 400BT :

These are the best smallest earbuds. Firstly take out the earbuds from its mini charging case. Then simultaneously touch the buds. For about 3 seconds, hold on to its right and left touch control to start up its pairing model. Here a red and blue flash appears on the LED of the right earbud that shows the earbuds are ready to connect. Now you have to scan and search for the Bluetooth devices on your Android and smartphones. Simply select the “CX 400BT TW”.

Charging and Battery timing:

These earbuds are charged by a USB-C charging system. Sennheiser CX 400BT provides you the 5 hours and 14 minutes of playing well on a single charge at 75dB. With these earbuds, you can get a lot of battery life. You don’t need to have additional power features like the ANC. Your mileage also varies depending on how loudly you like to listen to the tunes.


  • Sennheiser CX 400bt earbud is a set of true wireless earphones. These earbuds have brought some dangerous firepower of audio sound to bear.
  • These smallest bluetooth earbuds will be served well by the Sennheiser CX 400bt True Wireless. Under 100$ price point, you can get a good sound quality passthrough and various equalization features.
  • These earbuds offer the prettiest job of isolating you from the outside environment. Through our measurements, we have to do a lot. We adjust these earbuds in a way to hold them to fit perfectly.
  • The Sennheiser CX 400BT earbuds sound great. Sometimes these earbuds work by the nearly identical hardware as the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.0 and Sennheiser CX 400BT, both earbuds use the type SBC, AAC, and aptX to connect. They also have a nozzle design and 7mm drivers.


  • Their cost is higher than usual earbuds.
  • They contain no ANC features.
  • These earbuds’ sizes are large.
  • Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless earbuds have a simple and clean design, but these earbuds don’t give you any sweat and water resistance rating.
  • These smallest wireless earbuds work very well but also come with some compromises.
  • These earbuds can be excitable by some treble and annoying sounds.
  • They also feel plasticky.
  • They also lack the ANC system features. They lack proximity sensors and an ambient mode. When we compare these earbuds with other Truly Wireless earbuds at this price structure, these things really stick out like the sore thumb.
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