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Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks



Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks


If you do this properly you will even feel the controller vibrating up to three times for each of the dodges that you’re doing the final part is where the double jump comes into play and that is well after the third and final dodge you can add the jump which is give you a massive speed increase and you’re be able to just continuously bunny hop your way with really high speed way faster than any vehicle in the game and you can even combine it with another movement like these like midway through to progressively increase your speed even more and like go way faster than the game can even load like this is how fast you can get in Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town Mission Native Gamer using this same method this also brings us to the second reason.

Double jump feature

The double jump feature and that is the fact that it gives you unparalleled access to every part of the game be it horizontally or vertically so this is especially useful when you’re trying to get from one point to another really fast and you kind of have to do a detour because there might be a big building or a high bridge or something that kind of stays in your way well you can use both the double jump and even more so the previous method to actually close any gap in the game even if it might be on a different building.

Rooftop of a building

You might want to go onto the rooftop of a building so that you can reach the other side way faster because there is a waypoint over there that you want to reach well you can totally do that you can use your double jump to first of all reach that point of the building and then use the previous method that gave you that speed to actually jump and close the gap between the two rooftops and well the examples can be numerous and almost infinite because there’s a ton of circumstances where you can use these two abilities to kind of reach any point you want to in the game the third big trap that seeing a ton of people falling into is wasting precious resources on mods that don’t even stack with one another especially when it comes to the more expensive legendary ones like the dead eye the bully mod and fortuna.

Critical Damage

We have 116 critical damage without any mods that increase that we only have it from for example the point investment into attributes so let’s go ahead and add a bully mod that adds another 30 critical damage on top of that if we were to go back into the uwe and check our stats now we have 146 from that 116 so that 30 bully mod increase did work now if you were to add a second bully mod even the uwe kind of gives us an indication that we might get a plus 60 crit damage right well you would be wrong on that one because well guess what the critical damage stays the same as if it was with only one of these mods it also doesn’t even matter.

Dead eye

If you spread it on the same piece of clothing or on different pieces of clothing they will only count once on your gear so make use of it only once now of course you can stack different mods with one another like for example you can totally put a bully and a fortuna and both of them will work at the same time again just the restriction to one on your entire gear the only one that doesn’t work at all is going to be the dead eye which is unfortunately in the current version 1.05 it doesn’t seem to work at all but once it does it is going to be the better version of it since it gives you both critical chance and critical damage with one single mod now this only seems to be the case with these three legendary mods because everything else in the game can definitely stack both for the clothing and especially so for the weapons.

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Where to find Deadpool’s Pistols in the Fortnite?



Deadpool's Pistols in the Fortnite

For all Deadpool fans out there, its involvement in Fortnite is an excellent source of entertainment. Deadpool’s weekly challenges are now a long-running Fortnite tradition.

The catch here is that these challenges should be completed in proper order. One of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will require you to locate Deadpool’s pistols in the gameplay.

As impressive as this challenge sounds, it is pretty tricky. The reason is that nobody knows the exact location of these pistols, but that’s what we’re here for; guidance. Keep reading, and soon you’ll be enlightened with the precise location of Deadpool’s pistols in Fortnite.

Where to find Deadpool’s pistols?

There are at least 2 pistols that you’re supposed to collect as a part of this challenge. Furthermore, completing these weekly Deadpool challenges promise that you’ll be able to unlock the outfit by the end.

The collection of Deadpool’s pistols isn’t the last step in this regard, and you’ll also have to perform the second challenge. The second challenge requires players to “Enter a Phone Booth or Portapotty to become the super-est of Superheroes.”

Meanwhile, you can focus on the first issue at hand and collect Deadpool’s pistols before your peers. It’s appropriate if these pistols could get collected in order, so we’ll tell you the locations in that order.

Location 1

Click on the Agents tab and repeat it by clicking on Meowscles’ portrait. You can spot the dumbbells belonging to the colossal cat. Now, look over to the bottom right corner of the portrait next to dumbbells. That’s where the pistol is present.

Location 2

Firstly, head over to the Battle pass lobby. At this moment, you’ll spot Meowscles and the holographic challenge table. The second pistol is near the feet of Meowscles and that holographic table.


Can Deadpool’s pistols in Fortnite heal you?

Yes, Deadpool’s pistols in Fortnite can heal you when dealing with any damage. This act of healing is a reference to the one in the Deadpool films.

How many pistols does Deadpool have?

Until now, Deadpool possesses two pistols. The first pistol and the second pistol are in the HQ challenge table and Meowscles’ Room.

Why were Deadpool’s pistols vaulted in Fortnite?

Deadpool’s pistols were vaulted twice. The first reason was extra space, and the second reason is the lack of involvement at the hands of players.

Are Deadpool’s hand cannon’s as good as it’s pistols?

Deadpool’s hand cannons offer relatively poor accuracy and a tiny magazine. Hence, these hand cannons are a poor choice.

Where is Deadpool’s Stuffed Unicorn?

According to the findings of certain Twitch and YouTube streamers, Deadpool’s Stuffed Unicorn is most probably in Meowscles’ locker.


For all the Deadpool fans out there, this is a great chance to flex upon other players. Hop on to the bandwaggon and collect Deadpool’s pistols before others as quickly as possible. Now, quit waiting and locate Deadpool’s two pistols by using our step by step guideline.

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Where is the Purple Bridge in Fortnite?




Fortnite’s Skye adventure challenges for Week 8 are now live for its players. As a part of Fortnite’s week eight challenges, players must search for various bridges.

Undergoing this search is pretty crucial if you want to progress towards the Ghost or Shadow challenge. No need to panic because these Skye’s challenges are one of the most manageable Fortnite challenges. These colored steel bridges are usually in Purple, Red, and Blue colors. Now we shall only be discussing how you can find the location of the Purple Bridge in Fortnite.

Are you confused like other players? Well, it’s about time you take a chill pill. That’s because we’re here to instruct you. Just follow this guide regarding the location of Fortnite’s Skye Challenge Purple Bridge.

Fortnite Purple Bridge

Searching the location of the purple bridge and completing the task is extremely important. That’s because your progress level in this challenge can reward you with the new Ghost or Shadow variation of Fortnite’s Skye skin.

Purple Bridge Location

The Purple Bridge is near the north section of Slurpy Swamp in a forest. If we’re a little bit-exact, then the purple bridge is just between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. On the other hand, you might also need a choppa to complete this challenge. This choppa is near The Shark, The Agency, The Rig, and The Yacht. Other bridges in Fortnite are pretty spread out, so it’s difficult to find them, but not wholly impossible.

Why do we need to find the Purple Bridge?

Locating the purple bridge is the first step to reach the end of Week 8’s Fortnite challenge. In this challenge, the players are supposed to fly a choppa underneath a bridge e.g., purple bridge.

Even before flying the choppa, you need to know the location of the purple bridge, which is hard to find. Apart from the purple, blue, and red Bridges, there are other bridges as well. It’s not essential to pay much attention to these bridges during this challenge. That’s because this can complicate things.

To conclude, you don’t need to focus on them right now. Just try to be a careful flyer, and you’ll soon get progressed. Once you get done with the challenge, you can hold on to the choppa for a long time. Consequently, it might come handy in the later challenges e.g., Skye’s sword

We hope that this guide might help you locate the purple steel bridge. Now you can solve this section of the Skye challenges on your own. So, why are you still waiting? Follow this guide and unlock the “Ghost or Shadow” version of Skye’s skin.

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About Fortnite



About Fortnite

Fortnite is a battle game in which you receive plenty of rewards as you level up. Fortnite was released in July by the Epic developers as a console and PC game. Later many new updates were made to the game and many new modes were introduced.

Fortnite is a survival game in which you have to survive from zombies or surviving to the end of massive battles. The player can also use different materials to build the building to protect themselves from massive firefights. The popularity of the game is its high-quality game and easy and simple to play.

Fortnite is one of the most famous video games of this generation – possibly of all time. Though a whole lot of this is thanks to the attractive gameplay, developer Epic Games have performed an exquisite process constantly updating Fortnite with content material.

As far as warfare royale video games move, Fortnite is the maximum dynamic on the subject of freeing new systems and skins. Whilst that offers game enthusiasts a possibility to accumulate a couple of skins that they like. It is very popular among the young generation and the parents are always complaining that their kids are always busy playing Fortnite.

How to send Gifts in Fortnite: 

In the latest update of Fortnite new feature has been made available through which you can send gifts to your friends. Follow the steps given below to send the gift:

The first step is to go to the lobby and select the item you want to gift.

On the purchase screen press the button to buy the gift.

After that, you will be asked to whom you want to send the gift select the friends, and press continue.

Once you have sent the gift whenever that friend of yours will open Fortnite they will receive your gift.


Before Sending Gifts Unable 2fa:

You can even send gifts to your friends in Fortnite. To show your gesture this is the best way. Through this, you can even make new friends by sending them beautiful gifts.  Before sending a gift to someone you must have to enable 2-factor authentications.

To send the gift you must reach level 2 or even higher than will be able to send gifts to friends otherwise you can’t. Some of the things cannot be gifted in Fortnite including Battle pass, V-Bucks, items that use real money, Items that are not currently available in the item shop, Items that are already in the locker, and battle pass tier bundles these items cannot be shared with any other person.

The platforms which you can use to gift someone is from PC, Android, Playstation, and switch. If you send the gift to your friends and then you regret it cannot be refunded back to you so make sure to send it to the right person.

Error Message:

Sometimes when you send the gift you may get an error the reason is that you can send gifts to only 5 people per day if the limit exceeds then you will get an error message.

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