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Why Greek is a Least Spoken Language?




What comes to mind when you hear the term “least spoken languages“? Are there any particular meanings attached to these words? You need to know a few things if you have not already. Least spoken languages don’t means these are from hardest languages to learn.

Fashion is similar to languages – there are always new trends to follow and live by. Some fashion styles simply fail to appear ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ to people’s eyes as time passes, so they die along the way.

There will always be languages that are occasionally neglected, that are initially threatened, and that eventually die. Having less or least spoken a language provides a hint as to how endangered a language is – it’s on the brink of extinction. Specifically, languages live and die the same way as humans and animals.

You now understand what it means by the least spoken languages; languages that are slowly dying. The majority of endangered languages belong to one particular group of indigenous languages.

Languages are generally regarded as endangered when the number of native speakers decreases dramatically over time. Why is that so? When a language is not spoken, it is often found that it will be lost, forgotten, and eventually abandoned even by its native speakers.

In the world of linguistics, the death of a language is considered a devastating tragedy since one’s cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, and national identity will vanish into oblivion.

Greek Language

Greek is primarily spoken in Greece and is an Indo-European language. Latin and Chinese are the two oldest Indo-European languages, and history states it’s the oldest. The native people speak the language today, and it dates back to more than 34 centuries ago.

That is definitely a stellar track record! While its ancestor, Ancient Greek, is not critically endangered, it has become extinct in recent generations. In ancient times, Greek philosophers used Ancient Greek to write and express themselves through their arts.

Some may be familiar with Modern Greek, so that is the Greek language today. Greece’s native language is Modern Greek, which is still spoken by Greeks today. There are also Greek communities in other countries who speak the language, which is what we call the Greek diaspora.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find out that some of those people speak Greek fluently if you live in the U.S., Turkey, Canada, Australia, Italy, Albania, or any other country in the world.

Then again, while the language may be spoken in places such as Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, and Turkey, it can be categorized as an endangered language as it is ranked 87th in the Top 100 Spoken Languages in the world. You can see the translation of most spoken English words in Greek from

Being listed among the top 100 languages spoken in the world is already a great accomplishment – I completely agree. However, being in the bottom 20 implies something else.

In the history of world languages, losing the writing system, language, and native language community of Greek would no doubt be a total loss. This is something that everyone should know so that we can appreciate different languages throughout the world.

Language preservation requires collective effort, so let’s do something to prevent the Greek language from experiencing the same fate as Njerep or Liki. Until we are able to speak Modern Greek, let’s work together as language learners.

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